Sports and Fitness

Sons of Norway encourages its members to participate in a healthy, active lifestyle.  The Sports and Fitness Medal Program is a way to encourage participation in an array of different activities suited to the individual's age and physical condition.  Medals are awarded at the bronze, silver, gold, and enamel levels based on the time point or distance requirements for each level.  Requirements must be met within one calendar year and points do not carry over from one level to the next.

Medals are awarded in five main areas:  walking, cycling, cross country skiing, swimming, and sports and fitness.  The sports and fitness area offers the most flexibility since you can count team sports or jazzercise, step aerobics, tai chi, or dancing.  The focus is on reaching a personal best rather than on competition.  Of course, showing off your new medal at the next lodge meeting is kind of a thrill too.

You can get more information about the program at the Sons of Norway website or contact the Sports Director at the next lodge meeting.