The Sonja Lodge Library is committed to supporting the Sons of Norway's mission to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, and to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic countries. We seek to encourage the interests of our members by providing convenient and effective access to relevant library materials about the Nordic countries and the diaspora.
Our collection of over 1,700 items is catalogued by the Dewey Decimal System, used by the Scandinavian countries. The catalog is available online to members at Most books are in English, with 450 in Norwegian and 14 in Swedish or Danish, marked by a national flag on the book spine. A collection of Viking magazines runs from 1975 to the present, indexed for easy use in finding articles. Maps and Nordic related newspapers and publications are also available.
Members have access and can check out books on most Tuesday evenings 6-8 PM, at lodge events and on request by emailing

Click here for the Sonja Lodge online Library.