Norwegian Classes

Beginning Norwegian:

Text: Spoken Norwegian (some books are available from the Lodge Library), Haugen,/Chapman

Where: Sonja Lodge

                710 McKinley St

                Eugene, OR 97402

When: Wednesday, 6-8 PM

Teacher: Randi McKinnon


Intermediate/Advanced Norwegian:

Text: Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge

Where: Eugene Hotel

                222 E. Broadway

                Eugene, OR 97401

When: Thursday, 2-4 PM

Teacher: Margit Hollerud


 This group gets together at Margit's, # 218 at E.H. from 14:00 - 16:00.

There is no charge. Each person is a teacher and a student, we share responsibilities.

In order to have enough chairs around the table, participants communicate by email to the group if they are or are not coming. We like each person to have a copy of the book, let us know if you need help to find one.