Cultural Programs and Skills via Zoom(during COVID restrictions)

Sonja Lodge, in support of the mission of Sons of Norway, promotes and preserves the heritage and culture of Norway by offering programs, classes, workshops, and other

opportunities to educate and inform.



Cultural programs are offered following the potluck and before the business meeting on the first Thursday of the month (September - June).  Topics vary, such as the history of Norway, travel, Vikings, Norwegian occupation during WWII, economy, cultural skills, current events, etc.   We welcome visitors, friends, and families to attend these potlucks and presentations.   


The Cultural Skills Program is open to all Sons of Norway members.  The program:

  • Encourages learning about traditional and contemporary Norwegian culture
  • Enriches the lives of members of all ages
  • Provides the basis for special interest clubs
  • Provides opportunities to share what is learned with the membership and the community.


The Cultural Skills Program covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Norwegian cooking to music appreciation.  Each unit is designed to provide skill-specific activities at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to foster learning and advancement with each newly acquired skill.  After completing activities for the level and getting feedback from Sons of Norway Headquarters, you receive a medal in recognition of your accomplishments.


Subjects offered are(Via Zoom as best we can):

 #1 Traditional Norwegian Cooking

 #2 Reading Norwegian and Norwegian-American Authors

 #3 Collecting Norwegian and North American Stamps

#4 Rosemaling

#5 Genealogy--Family History

#6 Hand Knitting

#7 Norwegian Language and Culture

#8 Hardanger Embroidery

#9 Figure Carving

#10 Weaving

#11 Ornamental Woodcarving

#12 Chip Carving

#13 Folk Dancing

#14 Music and Musicians of Norway


Youth Cultural Skills which are tailored specifically for children are also available(Via Zoom as best we can, we are in a "see a need, fill a need" time right now so if you can support any of these, we would love help):

Folk Dancing

Figure Carving

Hand knitting

Norwegian and North American Stamps

Hardanger Embroidery


You can find out more about the program by visiting the Sons of Norway website at or by contacting


Displays of some of these skills such as Rosemaling, Hardanger Embroidery, and Carving can be seen at special events such as the Holiday Faire.  Some handcrafted items can be purchased at the Sonja Lodge Butikk. 

Classes and other opportunities

Sonja Lodge offers classes in Norwegian, Scandinavian Folk Dance, and Hardanger embroidery. Individual members offer courses in rosemaling.  Other classes offered occasionally are lefse baking, kransekake baking, traditional ornament making, Norwegian folk music, and Norwegian genealogy.


For those interested in literature, Norsk Bok is a book discussion group that meets monthly.  They focus on both fiction and non-fiction written by Norwegian and Norwegian-American authors.

There is also a monthly Håndarbeid group that focuses on handworks such as Hardanger embroidery and knitting.

Sonja Lodge also has a counterbalance floor loom available for those interested in weaving.


Contact for more information.